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We are excited to announce TWO Grand Prize Winners! Congratulations to all of our winners who are as follows:

Grand Prize Winners:
Natalie Barrios (The Power of Eminence) & Kirsten Rash (Naked & Afraid - Eminence Edition)

Third Place Winner:
Jessica Johnson (No One can out do Eminence)

Fourth Place Winner:
Kael Puller (Queens of Skincare Rap)

Fifth Place Winner:
Andrea Landry (Our "Mother-Daughter" Love For Eminence)

Thank you to everyone who entered our video contest to win a trip to Budapest, Hungary & the Eminence Certified Organic Farm. Learn more about our winners here.

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Queens of Skincare Rap

Kael Puller 

Our "Mother-Daughter" Love for Eminence

Andrea Landry 

Naked and Afraid-Eminence Edition

Kirsten Rash 

The Power of Eminence

Natalie Barrios 

No One can out do Eminence

Jessica Johnson 

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